CONTOH SOAL-SOAL TENSES, Bahasa inggris, soal ujian masuk PTN dan jawaban bahasa inggris


1.     By the end of this week I ………..from Malaysia.

a.     Am back

b.     Have been back

c.      Would be back

d.     May be back

e.     Will have been back

Answer : E

2.     I know that one of my students …… in your company since he graduated.

a.     Work

b.     Working

c.      To work

d.     Has been working

e.     Have worked

Answer : D

3.     He found the door of his house open, although he …… it before.

a.     Be locked

b.     Had locked

c.      Had been locked

d.     Had been locking

e.     Had to lock

Answer : B

4.     Hadi looks very tired, he …..for hours now.

a.     Drove

b.     Had driven

c.      Was driving

d.     Had been driving

e.     Has been driving

Answer : E

5.     I hope that by the time my father retires, I  ……a job.

a.     Get

b.     Am getting

c.      Have got

d.     Got

e.     Will have got

Answer : E

6.     “I have written three letter, “means ……….

a.     She is still writing now

b.     She is not writing anymore

c.      She has not finished writing yet

d.     She hopes to finish this morning

e.     She has to write now

Answer : B

7.     For the last five months he…..of moving out because the area has become highly polluted.

a.     Thinks

b.     Is thinking

c.      Thought

d.     Had thought

e.     Has been thinking

Answer : E

8.     Suryo had already been working in that company for two years when I started working there, means ……………

a.     Suryo wasn’t working in that company anymore

b.     Suryo would be working for two more years

c.      Suryo stopped working in that company

d.     Suryo worked in that company only for two years

e.     Suryo was still working in that company.

Answer : E

9.     “Tina had just watered the flowers when Ali came.”

From these sentence we may conclude that….

a.     Ali didn’t see Tina watering the flowers.

b.     Ali came at the time Tina was watering the flowers.

c.      Ali was watching Tina watering flowers

d.     Ali would come when Tina finished watering the flowers

e.     Ali had come before Tina watered the flowers.

Answer : A

10. Iwan, the national tennis champion, …… since he was nine.

a.     Played

b.     Has been playing

c.      Plays

d.     Is playing

e.     Had played

Answer : B

11. All this years, Ira’s family in poverty.

a.     Lived

b.     Has been living

c.      Had lived

d.     Was living

e.     Is living

Answer : B

12. Have the boys had their breakfast?”

Not yet, they…..”

a.     Have taken a bath

b.     Are still taking a bath

c.      Will take a bath

d.     Were taking a bath

e.     Would still take a bath

Answer : B

13. Every night the watchman turns on all the lights and ….around the building every half an hour.

a.     Walks

b.     Is walking

c.      To be walking

d.     Walking

e.     To walk

Answer : A

14. “how long has been the principal of our school ?”

Since I …….this school.

a.     Was entering

b.     Have entered

c.      Would entered

d.     Entered

e.     Had been entering

Answer : D

15. My daughter…… a lot of photographs of the Borobudur when she went there on her last vacation.

a.     Has taken

b.     Has been taking

c.      Would take

d.     Took

e.     Had taken

Answer : D

16. A taxi driver who witnessed the accident took my injured brother to the hospital and then … parents.

a.     Call

b.     Called

c.      Calling

d.     To call

e.     Was calling

Answer : B

17. The bus came after I …….. for about twenty minutes.

a.     Have been waiting

b.     Have waited

c.      Am waiting

d.     Had been waiting

e.     Was waiting

Answer : D

18. I had not been able to support my family until I worked for the Citibank, means……

a.     I can never support my family although I am working for the citibank

b.     Before I worked for the cibank I should support my family.

c.      I could not support my family after I worked for the vitibank

d.     When I work for the Citibank I will be able to support my family.\

e.     After working for the Citibank, I could support my family.

Answer : E

19. Oh, dear ? I forget to vring my dictionary”

“that’s all right. I … mine.

a.     Am lending

b.     Am going to lend

c.      Will lend

d.     Lend

e.     Will be lending

Answer : C

20. I couldn’t afford to buy that TV set until the price went down means : “……..”

a.     When the price went down, I bought the TV set.

b.     I didn’t buy the TV set because its price never went down

c.      I had already bought the TV set before the price went down.

d.     The price of the TV set went down, however, I couldn’t buy it.

e.     After I bought the TV set, the price went down

Answer : A

21. When you arrive on the 6th  floor, give my note to the secretary and she …… you to my office.

a.     Directs

b.     To direct

c.      Directing

d.     Will direct

e.     Directed

Answer : D

22. “I  forgot to return this book to the library last week.”

“well, I’m afraid you…. A fine when you return it.”

a.     Had to pay

b.     Having to pay

c.      Have had to pay

d.     Will have to pay

e.     Had had to pay

Answer : D


23. “why didn’t Didi want to go home ?”

“His mother……. Him for causing the car accident.”

a.     Would blame

b.     Has blamed

c.      Is blaming

d.     Had blamed

e.     Blames

Answer : D

24. “Can I borrow your magazine ?”

“I'm sorry, my sister …….. it.”

a.     Is still reading

b.     Has been reading

c.      Will still read

d.     Still read

e.     Still reads

Answer : A

25. I can lend you the book by the time I………..reading it.

a.     Will be finishing

b.     Have finished

c.      Am finishing

d.     Will have finished

e.     Would finish

Answer : D

26. The anthropologist has been studying that tribe for the last five years.”

a.     Has finished studying

b.     Studied

c.      Was studying

d.     Had studied

e.     Is still studying

Answer: E

27. “Where is my dictionary? It was on my desk.”

“Perhaps somebody …..It.”

a.     Takes

b.     Has taken

c.      Is taking

d.     Had taken

e.     Would take

Answer: B

28. “What are you looking for?”

“My wallet: I don’t know where I ……it.”

a.     Have been putting

b.     Am putting

c.      Had put

d.     Was putting

e.     Have put

Answer: E

29. “Anwar was promoted president of your company last week, wasn’t he?”

I'm glad he was: he …… in this company for years.

a.     Had worked

b.     Has been working

c.      Was working

d.     Would work

e.     Worked

Answer : B

30. She ……. the shoes for five minutes when one of the heels came off.

a.     Am only wearing

b.     Was only wearing

c.      Had only been wearing

d.     Have only been wearing

e.     Only wearing

Answer : C

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